Lafrentz Road Marking


Crack sealing is the most cost-effective form of pavement preservation and can extend the life of asphalt pavement by two to four years.

ACP Applied Products is an official supplier of Crafco pavement preservation materials and equipment including:

  • Crack sealant
  • Joint adhesive
  • Performance crack fillers
  • Loop sealant
  • Marker adhesive
  • Patching products
  • Melter / applicators
  • Model 30 pavement cutter (Self Propelled and/or Dust Control)

Crafco has four manufacturing facilities across the United States, guaranteeing efficient and timely shipping. Crafco sealant products are the broadest in the industry, making Crafco a “one stop shop” for all sealant requirements. Crafco’s investment throughout production begins with the raw material and ends with the finished sealant-guaranteeing that Crafco’s sealant is the highest quality and consistency and ensuring optimum performance.