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Painted Road Markings

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Paint represents the standard in roadmarking material.

Lafrentz is a highly experienced roadway line painter, and is proud to be the largest painting operation in Alberta and British Columbia, with a large private fleet of paint trucks and support equipment at our disposal.

The Lafrentz paint division specializes in:

  • Highway line painting
  • Airport markings
  • Line removal

Benefits of using Lafrentz paint services for your next road marking project include:

  • Fast, cost-effective application
  • Consistently high quality results
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, trained operators

Lafrentz applies approximately 3,000,000 liters of paint annually. Once laid, that’s equal to painting over two times around the earth!


Lafrentz prides itself on its service. We have built our business on hard work and professionalism, and we highly value our customers’ time, budget and project needs. With our large fleet of paint trucks and equipment, we’re able to hit the ground running and respond quickly to last-minute or urgent customer requests.

Lafrentz has over 35 years of road marking experience, and a team of dedicated, highly-skilled employees. We operate with modern, advanced equipment, which provides more up-time and a better end-result for our customers in a shorter timeframe.


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