Lafrentz Road Marking

Skid-Resistant Surfaces

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For additional skid resistance in wet and dry conditions, Lafrentz offers engineered safety surfaces, which can be applied on their own or as an enhancement to safety markings.

For skid-resistant surfaces, our product provides excellent skid resistance in a variety of colours. Our skid resistant material is very durable and cures quickly, meaning the treated area can be opened to vehicle or pedestrian traffic soon after application.

Skid-resistant surfaces are a good choice for:

  • Approaches
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Anti-skid lanes
  • Jogging paths / running tracks
  • Other areas where extra grip is important

Our high friction surfacing uses a self levelling methyl methacrylate binder and a special aggregate called refracted calcinated bauxite. The skid resistant material is an economic choice, does not wear through polishing, and outperforms other road surfaces with an effective service life of six to eight years. Skid resistant materials can be applied in custom shapes, and can be precisely colour matched.