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Highway Line Painting

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Lafrentz specializes in highway paint application – both for new construction and repainting work.

Our fleet of trucks can apply all available paint types, to exacting specifications. All trucks include video guidance, computerized measurement systems and sophisticated instrumentation packages.


  • Fast Response Time. Because we have the largest fleet of paint trucks in Western Canada, we’re able to respond quickly to customer requests – even if the timelines are tight.
  • Commitment to Quality. We work hard to retain our experienced staff, and as a result, we have a very capable crew who understand the importance of quality.
  • Modern, Advanced Equipment. We operate throughout Western Canada with high quality equipment. Our British Columbia operations use computerized equipment with high quality control and monitoring settings. The result is high quality output.
  • Safety Innovators. Leaders in traffic control innovation, Lafrentz takes driver and worker safety to heart. We were the first in Alberta to use message boards and crash attenuators to reduce injuries – safety practices which are now Industry standard. We continue to grow and innovate in this area in an effort to make our roads safer.


Lafrentz also specializes in painting roads in smaller municipal districts and rural areas. By lending our expertise, high-quality equipment and years of experience to your road marking project, we can deliver a top-quality result that still meets your budget.