Lafrentz Road Marking

Durable Road Markings

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Ideal for high-wear, heavy-traffic areas, durable road markings bond to both asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Durable road markings can be laid using thermoplastic (heat process to create a bond) or cold plastic (chemical reaction to create a bond), and can be applied to the surface of the roadway, inlaid, and even profiled for higher visibility. Each of these options provides continuous delineation through the years, enhancing roadway safety.

Durable road markings perform the same function as paint markings, only they’re designed to be longer-lasting.

Lafrentz uses different products to apply durable road markings, depending on several factors:

  • Project budget
  • Life expectancy of the road surface
  • Traffic volumes
  • Safety requirements
  • Substrate
  • Climactic conditions
  • Snow and ice control methods
  • Maintenance processes

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