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Lafrentz is Western Canada’s leading road marking company, applying painted road markings, durable road markings and safety markings / surfaces.

Our mission is to provide progressive and cost-effective solutions to the transportation and industrial sectors while providing safe roadways for pedestrians and motorists. Lafrentz has many long-term contracts with Provincial and Municipal Governments across Western Canada.

An industry innovator, Lafrentz is involved in the entire production cycle of road marking materials. We have an international laboratory team that undertakes research & development. We also manufacture our own proprietary products. We perform on-site application of road marking products, and supply our products directly to a range of companies and government agencies.


Safety is of the utmost importance to the people at Lafrentz. We live it every day! 

We are very proud and committed to our successful safety program. Lead by a team of safety professionals we promote and demonstrate a culture of safety.

Since 1991 Lafrentz has held a valid Certificate of Recognition in Alberta and holds COR equivalency in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In British Columbia Lafrentz has been COR certified since its inception.

Each year our people safely log over a quarter of a million hours of work and drive over 3.1 million kilometers.

Lafrentz is a registered member of ComplyWorks and ISNetworld compliance registries.

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Lafrentz offers a range of services to the public and private sectors:


The most often-used road marking material, Lafrentz has been applying painted road markings for over 35 years. We specialize in highway painting and are proud to be the largest painting operation in Alberta and British Columbia.


For areas that require durability and longevity over painted road markings, Lafrentz manufactures and applies durable road markings. Lafrentz is the only Canadian manufacturer of thermoplastics and cold plastics designed specifically for the Canadian climate.


On the more creative side, Lafrentz can design and install completely customized safety markings and surfaces. Our customers dream it, and we make it happen! Anything from multi-coloured crosswalks to dual-coloured lines in custom colours— we even integrate safety into our marking products themselves by designing and manufacturing special skid-resistant surfaces for problem areas where safety is a special concern.


Lafrentz has extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, and custom- builds road marking materials for specific product requirements. With a large research and development team behind us, we’re able to manufacture innovative, unique durable road marking products for both end-users and engineered specifications.