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Complete Streets Philosophy

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Cars, buses, pedestrians and bicycles; everyone deserves a safe way to travel down city roads.

Modern cities all over the world are moving towards a Complete Streets Philosophy, which looks to accommodate and integrate all modes of transportation in a safe and efficient way within the current right of way. Lafrentz provides innovative roadmarking solutions to improve safety within the complete streets environment.

Transportation planners and engineers have an arsenal of tools to accomplish a Complete Street. We have seen new ideas in roadway design that allow for the segregation of different transportation modes, such as cars, bicycles and pedestrians.

However there are always points of interaction and possible conflict between these modes.

With the emphasis on active transportation, we have a higher percentage of vulnerable road users than ever. Lafrentz uses their durable standard markings combined with high visibility speciality markings to produce markings such as bike boxes, scramble crosswalks, safe zones, dedicated lanes and on street bikeways to provide a safer complete street.