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Lafrentz designs and installs industrial and enhanced safety markings, as well as special skid-resistant surfaces across Western Canada.

Safety markings are usually designed for high visibility and serve as a visual cue to drivers and pedestrians to proceed with caution. Lafrentz designs and installs the following types of safety markings:

  • Enhanced Safety Markings, for custom road marking projects that enhance safety while maintaining a nice esthetic
  • Industrial Safety Markings, to help keep warehouses and indoor / outdoor industrial settings safe

For additional skid resistance in wet and dry conditions, Lafrentz offers engineered safety surfaces, such as our skid resistant materials, which can be applied on their own or as an enhancement to safety markings.

Safety markings and Surfaces are often used to enhance safety and wayfinding in the following areas:

  • Bus lanes
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Speed zones
  • Intersection approaches
  • Footpaths
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Jogging/running tracks
  • Industrial sites/warehouses

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