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Lafrentz manufactures standard road marking products as well as custom products based on the specific needs of our customers.

Lafrentz manufactures two distinct road marking systems in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. You can purchase these materials, application supplies and even application tools from the Lafrentz Online Store. Visit the store at and request store access to get started.


This material is designed for maximum durability in the Canadian climate. As the name suggests this product uses heat to generate a bond to the asphalt. Our manufacturing process ensures each brick is a homogenous mix ready to be heated and placed.


This methyl methacrylate based material provides ease of application and great durability. From this base stock we produce a variety of products; roadmarking, skid resistance materials, area markings, sealants and fillers.


For over 30 years Lafrentz has been active in product development of roadmarking materials to meet the extremes of the Canadian climate.

Lafrentz has extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, and custom- builds road marking materials for specific product requirements. Our customers tell us what end-result they want, and our team researches and develops the product according to set specifications. With a large research and development team behind us, we’re able to manufacture innovative, unique, durable road marking products for both end-users and engineered specifications. All materials can be precisely colour-matched for a custom look. Lafrentz Road Marking is ISO 9001:2015 certified for our manufacturing facility.

Creativity: We design and install enhanced safety markings for atypical and unique projects. Our customers dream it, and we make it happen!

Markings are not our only focus. Lafrentz can design and manufacture solutions for coating, surfaces and adhesive requirements utilizing the properties of our MMA and thermoplastic base stocks.