Lafrentz Road Marking

Safer Streets

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Best Practices

Lafrentz Skid Resistant Material (SRM) is being utilized in new and innovative solutions to provide safer streets.

Pedestrian Safety – Visual Enhancements

Enhanced Crosswalk

Active transportation initiatives have encouraged many people to take to the streets. Studies show that the safer the environment the more likely that it will be used. Many jurisdictions have sought ways to enhance their current crosswalks to be noticed by the vehicle driver. In addition to the standard crosswalks innovations like colors and advanced markings have brought driver attention to the crosswalks. These additions have seen dramatic decreases in incidents and promote user confidence. Lafrentz has proven products for high visibility colors, advanced warnings and even speed badges.

Lafrentz SRM applied as a surface treatment provides a predictable level of skid resistance in all weather conditions.

Surface Treatments – Skid Resistant

SRM 02

Lafrentz SRM surface treatment provides higher level skid resistance than the surrounding asphalt in all weather conditions even years after installation. Stopping distance is decreased, the result a safer street.