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When water sits on standard road markings they become less visible, and ineffective. Profiled markings are used on sections of road where high visibility and safety are a primary concern.

Profiled markings can be surface-applied or inlaid, depending on safety requirements, roadway characteristics and customer needs.

Profiled markings are higher-performing than standard thermoplastic or cold plastic markings. They provide very high retro-reflectivity, better water shedding capabilities, better skid resistance and a rumble or noise effect when driven over. Profiled markings can be used on both urban and highway segments, and are most often applied as centre lines, lane lines and edge lines.


  • Improved safety in dark/rainy conditions
  • Snowplow-safe
  • Highest visibility and retro-reflectivity
  • Great water-shedding capabilities
  • Skid-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly (no VOCs)
  • Extremely durable
  • Can be inlaid or surface-applied


In dark, foggy or wet conditions, it’s important to driver safety for water to drain so that road markings remain highly visible. By adding small glass beads to the plastic mix and to the top of newly applied plastic, light from vehicle headlamps are reflected back to the driver, making road markings easy to see. Because profiled markings have uneven surfaces by design, the markings have more vertical surface area for the beads to embed. Vertical face beads are more effective at reflecting light back to the driver – a characteristic that makes profiled markings more visible than their standard paint or plastic counterparts.

Designed to enhance safety and visibility, Lafrentz offers the following profiled marking products:


SNO PRO is a high-performance profiled marking with safety features you can see and hear. Using special equipment Lafrentz applies a ribbon of System 300 Thermoplastic with truncated dome style dots on the surface in one pass. An immediate application of premium glass beads provide additional retro-reflectivity. The multi-dot pattern can be altered depending on the specification. The finished product allows water to drain away and the beads to shine. Sno Pro Markings can be applied directly to the asphalt surface or in a groove.

SNO PRO improves visibility and retro-reflectivity, while providing the added benefit of an auditory cue (or rumble noise) when driven over. These markings can be used for both highway and urban applications, and can be applied to the surface of the roadway or inlaid for additional durability and protection from snowplows. SNO-PRO is best used for edge lines, lane lines, continuity lines and freeway on / off ramps.


Pathfinder road markings are created using Lafrentz’s System 400 Cold Plastic, which uses a methacrylate resin technology. Specialized equipment applies the cold plastic in a random agglomerate or “spatter” pattern. As the pattern doesn’t have a flat surface on which water can sit, the water drains away without affecting the visibility of the line. Pathfinder markings are highly visible at night and in wet conditions. For additional durability, they can be inlaid to mitigate damage from snow plows.

Pathfinder is extremely durable and maintainable: a new application over the old material is all that’s required. Application is easy on new or old asphalt, and because application is a single-step process, Pathfinder is an economical option that can be used for long stretches of roadway where safety is a concern.

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